Welcome to Yasin group of companies

With a vision and foresight into the potential of the Indian Industry in the year 1998 Yasin group started its new venture, Yasin Impex India Pvt. Ltd, which imports and markets Steaming Coal to all established industries in South India.

Yasin Impex India Pvt. Ltd, one of Yasin Group, is importing and selling Steaming Coal from Indonesia on a regular basis. The volume of import                                    of Coal which is around a minimum of 1 Million Tonnes per year.

Within a short span of time the company has established its credentials in the industry and has further diversified into import and supply of Steel Scrap in different forms to its industrial end user clients.

In additional to these product, Yasin Impex India Pvt Ltd is successfully importing and exporting Heavy Melting Scrap, Sugar, Refined Oil, Steel Products and others. To various popular countries like Africa, Dubai, Singapore etc.

Thus the Yasin Group of companies is well knit and professionally managed in all its business ventures always looking forward to vistas of growth through Vision, coupled with a very cordial work culture and atmosphere within the group in all aspects.